Dental Fillings Saskatoon, Sk

Dental Fillings Saskatoon, Sk

Think you may need a tooth filling in Saskatoon, SK? When plaque or tartar collects on a tooth, it can start to eat away at the hard outer layer of the tooth. When this happens, little pockets, or cavities, begin to form and can infect the soft pulp in the center of the tooth. To prevent this from happening, cavities must be filled.

When small cavities are found during routine exams, it is important to get the cavity filled as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the larger the chance of the issue getting worse and potentially causing much worse issues such as root canal infection, gum disease or the need for extraction. Schedule your dental fillings in Saskatoon, SK today!

Benefits of of Our Saskatoon Composite Fillings

Thanks to advances in dental technology, we are lucky to have composite fillings. Benefits of composite dental fillings include:

  • Metal-Free – old-fashioned metal alloy contained small amounts of mercury. In rare cases, this could break off and be digested, which is not safe.
  • Tooth-Colored – unlike metal filings of the past, composites are made to match the color of your tooth exactly. When smiling or laughing, you don’t have to worry about flashes of metal showing.
  • Long-Lasting – metal fillings would expand and constrict with changes in temperature in the mouth from hot and cold beverages. This would cause the fillings to separate from the tooth and eventually fall out.

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