Dental Sealants Saskatoon, Sk

Dental Sealants Saskatoon, Sk

One of the most effective preventive dental treatments available is dental sealants. A tooth sealant treatment is quick to do and can be done at any dental visit. It is a thin and clear material that is placed on the back teeth in order to keep them healthy.

Dental Sealants Saskatoon

Molars and premolars are made for grinding and chewing, so to help with this they have peaks and crevasses. While it is helpful for chewing, it is not helpful for cleaning. Sometimes crevasses are too small for a bristle to get in to, but not too small for bacteria to start decay. With a thin dental sealant covering the crevasses, it successfully prevents decay from forming.

Saskatoon Dental Sealants for Kids

For children that still have their baby teeth, dental sealants are a smart way to protect the teeth and keep them healthy until they are ready to fall out on their own naturally. Baby teeth have considerably weaker enamel and are much more prone to decay, so sealing them makes sense.

Saskatoon Dental Sealants for Teens

Pre-teens and adolescents that are starting to get their adult teeth are also prime candidates for dental sealants. When you get a brand new cell phone, do you wait a while to put a cellphone case on it or do you do it right away? Right away! With your molars and premolars, it is smart to protect them and seal them as early as possible to prevent future cavities.

Adults that have never gotten their teeth sealed should still consider it. It is never too late to get dental sealants! Schedule your appointment for dental sealants in Saskatoon, SK today.

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