Saskatoon Dentures & Partials

Saskatoon Dentures & Partials

Looking for a denture clinic in Saskatoon? Sometimes, despite the best efforts, a tooth or teeth may fall out. In some instances, all of the teeth can even fall out. While this, of course, is not the desired outcome, the most important thing to do is replace the missing teeth. Even one missing tooth can lead to a domino effect of other issues in the mouth. When many, or all, of the teeth, are missing, the issues can be much worse. For dentures in Saskatoon, schedule your appointment with us today!

Partial Dentures Saskatoon, SK

Interested in partial dentures in Saskatoon? When there is still at least one viable tooth left, partial dentures can be used to replace the missing teeth while also supporting the remaining teeth. Since each person’s mouth is different, each partial denture is unique and custom made. Depending on the needs of the patient, partial dentures can be removable or affixed in place.

Full Dentures Saskatoon, SK

Considering full dentures in Saskatoon? If all of the teeth on the top or bottom of the mouth are missing, then a full denture is needed. Dentures are made to perfectly replicate the gums and teeth in the patient’s mouth or can be used to create a better smile. While traditionally kept in place via suction, dental implant supported dentures have become incredibly popular. By being attached via implants, it gives the wearer an extra sense of confidence and can also minimize the need for denture adjustments as the gums change in shape.

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