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Dr. Adam Stenerson

Have you scheduled your first appointment with us? You may be wondering a bit about us, our dentist and our dental team! At Wheatland Dental, we are committed to taking care of every patient that walks through the door. For years, we have loved helping the members of the Saskatoon community. Our biggest goal is to educate our patients. We want everyone to understand everything they can about oral health and can use that information to make informed and educated decisions about their care with their dentist.

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Since we accept patients of all ages, we hope to help every member of the family as they grow up with us. Starting with the very first visit, our team is well trained at the tricky art of pediatric dentistry and know how to make an important first impression on your child. As they get older, we can help them prevent cavities through treatments such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments. When they become teenagers, we hope to help them straighten their teeth (if needed) by using traditional metal braces or Invisalign clear aligners. For everyone in the family, we can help with all general, cosmetic and restorative treatments.

Our wonderful relationships with our patients have helped us keep very high scores and very positive reviews from a wide variety of online review websites. Wanting to learn more about us? Schedule your appointment today to learn more about Wheatland Dental!

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